Designer Babies: A Public Student Debate at Western University

Should we prohibit the genetic enhancement of fetuses? UWO’s Debate Society and Students for Partners in Health have collaborated to hold a show debate for the public. Curious about the ethical and philosophical implications of genetic engineering? Join us on Thursday, January 26, at 6 PM, at UWO Social Science Centre, Room 2032.

Debate Motion: “In a world where genetic technologies allow for the modification of fetuses for traits like strength and intelligence, this house would prohibit the genetic enhancement of fetuses.”

The event features:

  1. Audience pre- and post-debate vote
  2. Two teams from UWO Debate Society present their case for and against this resolution
  3. Critique from Students for Partners in Health
  4. Audience Q and A
  5. Refreshments and baked goods fundraiser (all proceeds going to Partners in Health global health programs)
  6. Optional social off-campus (details TBA)

Cast your pre-debate vote.

Learn more at the Designer Babies event Facebook page.

This student event is organized by the UWO Debate Society and Students for Partners in Health.

Revisit the last debate … and get ready for another one!

If you missed our debate about political correctness, now is your chance to watch and listen to the conversation in its entirety: the full video of the event is now available. This debate — filmed shortly before the American presidential election — is as pertinent as ever, with all sides making extremely relevant points regarding the social and political climate of our times. (Thank you once again to everyone who made this event possible. We, as a community, are richer for the experience.)

You might also be interested in some of these follow up resources:

Mark your calendars for our next debate: Monday, April 10, 2017, at 7pm. Watch this space for upcoming announcements and get ready for another thought-provoking evening at the Wolf Performance Hall!

Wolf Hall Debates: Political Correctness was made possible by:


TONIGHT: The Political Correctness Debate

What happens when you let four debaters, three respondents, two graphic recorders, a filmmaker, and a musician loose in the Wolf Performance Hall? We’re about to find out! This evening, Wolf Hall Debates tackles the motion: Be it resolved that political correctness has gone too far.

Doors open & pre-debate concert with exceptionally talented Michael Trudgeon

Oxford-style debate (learn more about the structure of the debate format)

Here is more information about the venue, location, and parking.

Please remember: All events by Wolf Hall Debates are free, public, and open to everyone. Seats cannot be reserved in advance and no registration is required. It is highly recommended that you arrive early. We anticipate reaching maximum venue capacity this evening. Thank you for your understanding.

Tonight’s debate will be filmed and made freely available online in a few weeks.

Meet the PC Debate Memes

As we head into a long weekend, the Wolf Hall Debates team wants to remind you that our upcoming event about political correctness is only 9 days away. (Monday, October 17)

To get your brain primed for a compelling discussion, check out the event’s quirky-yet-provocative promotional video. (Note: this video also makes for an interesting discussion starter with your aunts and uncles over Thanksgiving dinner.)

After you watch the video (its only 5 minutes long), you might want to download the snazzy MemePack (8mb), which includes 34 memes from the video. Share your favourites and tag with #WHDpc


You can also download the event poster to share as well.


Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Please let us know if you are planning on coming… But also keep in mind that Wolf Hall Debates is an open and public event: we cannot provide advanced registration or guaranteed seating. All seats are general admission, first-come/first-serve, so be sure to arrive early. (But don’t worry, you won’t be bored: a special pre-debate concert by the super-talented Mike Trudgen begins at 6:30pm. More details here.)

The Big Reveal: Political Correctness Debate

Be it resolved that political correctness has gone too far.’

Do language and policies intended to not offend or disadvantage specific groups help us become a more compassionate society? Or do such rules encroach on everyone’s ability to express their opinions freely? Does ‘correcting our politics’ change hearts and minds? Or does it lead to resentment and accusations of special treatment?

Let’s have a debate.

Monday, October 17
Pre-Debate Concert: 6:30pm
Full Debate: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library
FREE. All welcome. Join us.

Be sure to visit the full event listing for complete details on the debate! Arguing in support of the motion will be Ali Chahbar (@AliChahbar) and Susan Toth (@TothSusan), while Mojdeh Cox (@womenincolour) and Jeffrey Preston (@jeffpreston) will argue contra.

Respondents include Tim Blackmore (Western University), Frankie Condon (@frankie_condon, University of Waterloo), and Sheri Doxtator (@sherideez, from the Oneida Nation of the Thames Settlement).

See the website for full bios for all of the debaters, respondents, and artists involved in this dynamic and multilayered evening. Follow #WHDpc for more announcements in the next few days. And if you have a moment, please let us know if you plan to attend!

Save the Date

This October, Oxford-style debating returns to the Wolf Performance Hall, at London Public Library.

This time, we are exploring the issue of political correctness — has it gone too far?

Save the date: Monday, October 17, 2016, 7:00 p.m. More details coming soon.

In the mean time, check out the videos from our last debate, ‘Be it resolved that every Canadian should receive a Basic Income Guarantee.’